The Institute of Actuaries of Japan

Business Strategy of the IAJ

Public-interest incorporated association IAJ establishes "medium-term and long-term business strategies." These strategies aim to materialize its vision that actuaries earn recognition in society as professionals who serve public interest. With this vision, the IAJ is carrying out specific activities toward three strategic objectives: "exercise its functions of a public nature," "improve expertise and problem solving skills" and "strengthen its organizational power."

Development of actuaries' activities
Expansion of activities of actuaries and the IAJ on a global basis in insurance and pension fields Expansion of activities of actuaries in fields other than insurance and pension fields
IAJ's medium-term and long-term strategies
Vision: The way the IAJ should be
The vision of the IAJ is that actuaries earn recognition in society as professionals serving public interest who have the skills to analyze and provide proposals concerning various issues related to financial risks and uncertainty or contingent events to solve such issues.
Strategic objectives and specific approach
Strategic objective 1
Exercise its functions of a public nature
Strategic objective 2
Improve expertise and problem solving skills
Strategic objective 3
Strengthen its organizational power
  • Make proposals concerning international standards, etc.
  • Implement efforts concerning ERM, etc.
  • Make proposals concerning retirement benefit accounting, etc.
  • Present statements in the field of social security, etc. from the actuarial aspect
  • Exchange opinions with others
  • Make international contribution
  • Clarify competence and skills
    • Systematize examinations and education
  • Provide continuing professional development
  • Streamline practice standards, guidance notes
  • Acquire and accumulate knowledge in advanced fields
  • Clarify the PDCA cycle of activities of committees, etc.
  • Further improve transparency of decision-making process and mobility
  • Enhance publicity
Higher level of recognition as a professional

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