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president Greetings from the new President

The Institute of Actuaries of Japan
President Hideyuki Sumi

By a resolution of the Board of Directors at their meeting this March 23, I was appointed president of IAJ, effective April 1. Upon taking this office, I would like to offer a few words of greeting to the members of IAJ.

First, I would like to say that former President Mr. Asano, during his term of office, and in accordance with IAJ’s newly minted slogan, “Think the Future, Manage the Risk,” greatly contributed to increasing the presence of IAJ members both in Japan and overseas, to preparing and smoothly implementing the new continuing professional development scheme, and to accelerating the development of IAJ and increasing the brand power of us actuaries further; and I would like to take this opportunity to formally express my gratitude to him for those achievements. Moreover, with his appointment as Chairman, former President Mr. Asano will, as head of the ICA 2026 Organizing Committee, promote activities to bring the 2026 International Congress of Actuaries to Japan; and he will also continue to lead IAJ in general.

In recent years, amidst the advance of globalization, the demographic changes in Japan resulting from a low birth rate and an aging society, and the other changes in the country’s social and economic conditions, the needs for and business models of the insurance and pension industry continued ceaselessly to evolve and diversify. At the same time, efforts were made to improve and refine ERM system, and progress was achieved in deliberations related to the international economic value-based solvency regime and accounting standards. Given these developments, I believe that the actuary’s role will expand more and more, and that advanced professionalism has come to be demanded of us.

Until now, IAJ has built up the knowledge of actuaries through various activities, including diverse research and meaningful proposals. However, I believe that it is important for us to develop the knowledge so as to make it more flexible and beneficial in response to recent changes in the environment. Towards that end, I will work to further expand and strengthen both the activities of IAJ committees and others that support those efforts, and the new continuing professional development scheme and other examination and educational systems.

In order to continue to fulfill the expanding role of actuaries in the future, it is important to continue to invigorate IAJ’s overall activities. In particular, I want IAJ to promote such activities as the providing of places and opportunities for cultivating the next generation and training young actuaries.

In closing, I pledge that I will do my utmost to further promote the development of IAJ and actuarial science and to further increase the presence of actuaries, for which I ask that you please lend me your valued support and cooperation.


June,2013 - March,2016

president Greetings from the new President

The Institute of Actuaries of Japan
President Kikuo Asano

At a meeting of the Board of Directors held on June 11, 2013, I was appointed, by resolution, as the President of the IAJ and on the same day, assumed that position. At this occasion, I wish to extend my cordial greetings to all members of the IAJ.

First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude to the former President Mr. Noro for his great contribution to the development of the IAJ and increased presence of actuaries. His contribution to the IAJ during his service as the President was made possible by his strong leadership in carrying out various tasks, such as "conducting research and presenting proposals concerning the economic value-based solvency regime," "improving the system to cultivate ERM (enterprise risk management) professionals," and "making the transition of the IAJ to a public-interest incorporated association." The IAJ is pleased to have the former President Mr. Noro as its Chairman and to have his continuous guidance on the general affairs of the IAJ.

Amid the advance in the economic globalization, risks surrounding the society and economy are becoming increasingly diversified and complex. As a result, regulations are becoming tighter and accounting standards are being reviewed, which is, without doubt, creating future uncertainty.

I believe that precisely because we are in a period of such high uncertainty, the role that we actuaries should play is greatly expanding.

Under these circumstances, the IAJ intends to implement its efforts to achieve the following:

  • Following the trends in reviewing the global economic value-based solvency regime and accounting standards, and playing the core role in reviewing Japanese standards and practice;
  • Amid calls for improvement and advancement of ERM system, facilitating the gradual increase of public awareness of CERA qualifications and diffusion of ideas concerning ERM and conducting research and study, by which enabling actuaries to perform their functions to the fullest extent using their skills and experiences; and
  • Accurately responding to environmental changes surrounding actuaries and conducting a study toward enhancement of examination and educational systems from the standpoint of the maintenance and improvement of high quality of actuaries as professionals.

Furthermore, as the IAJ made the transition to a public-interest incorporated association as of April 1, 2013, the IAJ intends to strengthen its position as a public-interest incorporated association, enhance and develop its activities such as research and survey, human resource cultivation and education, and qualification, in consideration of its task to serve the public interest, including the aforementioned activities so as to contribute to the achievement of its goal, namely "the stability of citizens' lives and the sound development of the national economy."

The IAJ is operated primarily through activities carried out by committees, divisions and other organizational units. However, its members' positive volunteerism forms the backbone of the IAJ. I am committed to exert myself to the utmost for the development of the IAJ and the actuarial science and the increasing presence of actuaries. I therefore seek understanding, support and cooperation of members.

Finally, I wish all our members' continued good health and success.


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