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Nearly 5,000 IAJ members are actively working in a wide range of fields.

The IAJ currently has nearly 5,000 members. A majority of the members are actively working as a " professional specialized in actuarial business" in a wide range of fields such as life insurance companies, non-life insurance companies and trust banks, as well as ministries and governmental agencies, consulting firms, audit firms and reinsurance companies.

The actuary qualification is one of the requirements to become a "Appointed Actuary" and a "Certified Pension Actuary" and actuary is a profession that has over 100 years of history. Therefore, actuaries are highly regarded by corporations as well as society as a whole.

In the field of life insurance In the field of non-life insurance
Actuaries who work in the life insurance field play an active role in maintaining sound management and development of products and services. Actuaries who work in the non-life insurance field provide support for insurance products that are becoming increasingly diversified and complex.
In the field of pension In the field of risk management
Actuaries who work in the pension field are required to have in-depth knowledge about laws, economics and asset management. Actuaries who work in the risk management field have a high degree of expertise and can provide their services to the ERM field.
In other fields
Actuaries are expanding their fields with changing social and economic situation.

Distribution of individual members by business categories (as of March 31, 2017)

(Unit: person)

Life insurance
Trust bank Non-life
Other Total
Fellows 728 190 243 493 1,654
Associates 555 137 239 367 1,298
Students 686 78 315 978 2,057
Total 1,969 405 797 1,838 5,009

Overseas actuarial associations

As the actuary qualification is internationally recognized qualification and the IAJ has interaction with overseas actuarial associations, the IAJ members are highly regarded by corporations as well as society as a whole.

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