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About the IAJ

The Institute of Actuaries of Japan (IAJ), founded in 1899, is proud of over a century of heritage and tradition.

The IAJ structured as an incorporated associaton engages in a broad range of activities, including study and research of actuarial science, the education of actuaries, administration of the qualifying actuarial examination system, and facilitation of professional and cultural exchanges with overseas actuarial organizations.

Leveraging its scientific approach, the IAJ provides assistance and advice to government agencies in recent years, analyzing and suggesting solutions to insurance public policy and the social security system. The IAJ revised "Standard Mortality Table 1996" and developed "Standard Mortality Table 2007". "Standard Mortality Table 2007" has been adopted, as the mortality rate constitutes the basis for calculating the standard valuation reserve since April 2007.

The Commissioner of Financial Services Agency (FSA), on behalf of the Prime Minister, designates the IAJ as "Designated Association" that is capable of nurturing specialists in actuarial science, has an ability to set the levels of coefficients that should constitute the basis for calculating the standard valuation reserve, and is able to perform other actuarial services without failure, according to the amendment to the Insurance Business Act on June 2000.

To constantly inspire and elevate each other, the IAJ offers a wide variety of opportunities for members to learn and further their professional development. In each research workshop, active studies are conducted on insurance, pensions and the other topics, and the research results are widely presented.

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The Institute of Actuaries of Japan

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