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Interchange with actuaries of each country for the enhancement of global perspective

In U.K. and European countries that are advanced nations of insurance and pension system, and in the U.S. whose insurance/pension markets are the largest in the world, actuaries have long received social appreciation as the "specialist in the insurance/pension area". While insurance system and pension system vary by country, the fundamental role of actuaries are in common. Because the exchange with them is very important, the IAJ consider it important to keep exchange with actuary associations around the world.

As one of the international organization for actuaries, there is the International Actuarial Association (IAA) based in Canada. The IAA is comprised of actuarial associations of each country, and operates as an academic organization on "Developing the Role of Actuaries" and "Advancing Knowledge of Actuarial Science" etc. Furthermore, the IAA provides a forum for discussion among actuaries and actuarial associations throughout the world, and represents world actuarial associations to attend a meeting with other international organizations.

The IAJ is a full member of the IAA, and has made substantial contributions to the IAA by active participation in a number of its committees as a member. In August 1999, held the first in Asia IAA Conference in Tokyo.

ICA:International Congress of Actuaries

ICA held every four years, at which actuaries from various countries present research papers, and conduct active exchange of opinions on the hot topics of the time. In 1976, the 20th meeting was held in Tokyo at a grand scale, with the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess (present their Majesties the Emperor and Empress) in attendance, participated by more than 2,200 attendants from 44 countries.

AAC:Asian Actuarial Conference

The conference for actuary associations in East Asian and Oceania countries, held every other year since 1981 hosted by a member country in turn. In October 1995, the 8th meeting was held in Sunshine City Prince Hotel in Tokyo at a grand scale attended by 600 participants with 46 research papers. In autumn of 2007, its 14th meeting was convened in Tokyo.

ASEA:Actuarial Seminar of East Asia

In every September, the IAJ organizes a seminar for actuaries of East Asian countries. In this seminar, the members of the IAJ will give lectures, and exchange opinions with actuaries of East Asian countries on specific practical topics.

ASTIN:Actuarial Studies in Non-Life Insurance

ASTIN is one of the academic sections of the IAA, researching non-life insurance areas. It publicizes research papers onto their bulletin "AST IN BULLETIN", and hosts the annual international convention as the forum for the presentation of research papers and the exchange of information.

AFIR:Actuarial Approach for Financial Risks

AFIR is one of the academic sections of the IAA, researching investment risks. Holds the annual international convention as the forum of presentation of research papers and exchange of information. It boasts its high academic standards with many fund managers, scholars, and actuaries participate in attendance.

IACA:International Association of Consulting Actuaries

IACA is the IAA session organized to exchange opinions and information of consulting actuaries from an international perspectives and standards on the topics that may impact professional responsibility as actuaries.

IAAHS:IAA Health Section

IAAHS is a section newly formed in May 2003 responsible for facilitating communication among actuaries around the world who engage in medical/health insurance areas, and providing useful information.

The International Accounting Standards and the International Standards of Insurance Supervision

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) are separately conducting active discussions on the front of international accounting standards and international standards of insurance supervision. As a full member of both organizations, the IAJ mainly contributes by providing technical support in measurement of insurance liability, etc. As a full member of the IAA, the IAJ established relevant sub-committees within International Standards Committee to promote discussion, and actively participate in the committee activities of the IAA to express its opinions.

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