The Institute of Actuaries of Japan

Message from the Chairman


April,2016 - June,2017

Chairman Kikuo Asano Greetings from the new Chairman

The Institute of Actuaries of Japan
Chairman Kikuo Asano

After recently retiring as president of the Institute of Actuaries of Japan, I took office as chairman on April 1, 2016. Over a period of two years and ten months from when I took office as president in June 2013, IAJ grappled with such matters as dealing with economic value-based solvency regulations, researching the actuarial matters of insurance products, and establishing CERA qualifications in a phased manner; at the same time, we sought to improve and expand our examination and educational systems. During that period, we also received welcome support and guidance from individuals both inside and outside IAJ. In particular, the members of IAJ's committees and others as well, despite their busy schedules, enthusiastically grappled with IAJ activities. I would here like to express my heartfelt gratitude to them and ask that they please continue their efforts in the future.

As my successor as president, Hideyuki Sumi was appointed. At present, important issues related to actuaries abound both in Japan and overseas, and are right in the middle of dynamic changes. I am confident that, in this situation, President Sumi will be able to exercise excellent foresight and managerial skills and lead us toward solutions to those issues and the achievement of goals. I ask that you please provide him with your valued support.

In taking office as chairman, I intend to devote myself to activities aimed at having the 2026 International Congress of Actuaries be held in Japan; moreover, in cooperation with President Sumi, I will work to further invigorate IAJ's activities and to increase IAJ's presence both in Japan and abroad.

In closing, I would like to offer my sincere wishes for your increased success and prosperity in the future.

June,2013 - March,2016

Former Chairman Junichi Noro Greetings from the new Chairman

The Institute of Actuaries of Japan
Chairman Junichi Noro

After resigning from the position of the IAJ President, I assumed the position of the Chairman on June 11, 2013. For about three years since I assumed the position of the IAJ President on April 1, 2010, the IAJ undertook various tasks, such as responding to the international accounting standards and economic value-based solvency regime, implementing, amending and abolishing various standards of practice and granting a CERA certification that is a professional qualification for ERM, to name a few. The IAJ made the organizational transition to a public-interest incorporated association on April 1, 2013. I am extremely grateful to the IAJ members for their positive participation and cooperation, and to other concerned parties for their warm support and guidance. In particular, members of committees or other organizational units of the IAJ worked hard to carry out these activities with earnest despite their busy schedule. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for their support and also look forward to receiving their continued support.

Mr. Kikuo Asano has replaced me in my previous position as the President. Currently, there are many important issues concerning actuaries in and outside Japan and the IAJ is on its way to achieving the objective of its mid-term business strategies. Under these circumstances, I strongly believe that President Asano will exercise his outstanding foresight and strong leadership, and lead the IAJ in the appropriate direction to resolve these challenges and to achieve its objectives. I would like to ask your continued support for President Asano. It is also my sincere desire, as the Chairman of the IAJ, to work together with President Asano to revitalize the IAJ's activities and to contribute to increased presence of actuaries in and outside Japan, to the best of my ability and experience.

At last, as my closing remarks, I wish you all successful and prosperous future.

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